Product Gamification (2) - PM Guide

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Hey buddy, before reading this blog I want to tell you that, please read this blog and continue this. Let's jump into the topic.

Today we gonna explore about 8 Core Drives of Gamification concepts. It's a little bit psychology and product thinking together.

8 Core Drives of Gamification

Let's see one by one..!

1. Epic Meaning and Calling

-> User believes that he is doing something greater than himself or she is "choosen" to do something. Means, if somebody makes us feel better, that leads to the motivation.

Ex: LinkedIn Top Voices, Many people celebrating on LinkedIn in so much. So, LinkedIn gratitudes those top voices based on the quality content.

-> Player devotes a lots of his time to maintain a forum or helping to creating thing for the entire community.

Ex: Quora, Wikipedia, etc. Those guys love to devote and maintain forum.

2. Development and Accomplishment

-> If we look back to school and college, we have scorecards, ranks on boards etc. Internally we like to make progress and why to make, we want to keep learning skills and challenging ourselves to keep pushing forward.

Ex: Duolingo, Streaks and it's ranking leaderboard.

3. Empowerment of Creativity and Feedback

-> Product allows you to share a creativity, give a voice out there etc. Consider you're in workspace and giving you 10 things to do in a daily basic without any recognition. Eventually you'll get bored or hate to do that job right?

-> Sharing your works/thoughts/voice and other people giving you feedback and that makes you motivate to do that work again and again.

Ex: Youtube, Instagram, etc, Allows to make a content out there and give you feedback via comment or message from other people to motivate you to revisit the app and make content again.

4. Ownership and Possession

-> Consumers are motivated because they feel like they own something. Examples, Virtual Goods and Virtual Currencies etc.

-> Core Drive is accumulate more wealth. Only reward is boring, those rewards have to convert that to money or something useful.

Ex: Cred will give you Cred Points, which we can use it as many. FarmVille will give you farm points to get some ground of frame out there.

5. Social Influences and Relatedness

-> This drive that draws us closer to people, place or events that we can related to. When you see a friend that is amazing at some skill or owns something extra-ordinary, you become driven to reach that same level.

-> Social Elements - Mentorship, Acceptance, social responses, companionship, competition and engagement.

6. Unpredictability and Curiosity

-> Urge to see what happens next, that stays engaged. Scratch cards, Spin the wheel, slot games are those makes us urge to wait and stay with us to what happens next.

Ex: Google Pay's Scratch Card and Amazon's Spin the Wheel

7. Loss and Avoidance

-> Very fundamental motivation drive in human being as always want to avoid negative happenings. Try and avoid any kind of loss that happening on that matter, which is FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Ex: Amazon's (Deal of the Day, Lightning Deal, etc) - Drives us a negative motivation.

8. Scarcity and Impatience

-> Most of us are so impatience as human beings we want that things to happen just so fast right? and the moment somebody say that you can't have it right now and you start chasing it.

Ex: Google Pay's Diwali Campaign - Diwali Sticker Stamp Collection.

Thanks for reading this. Hope you loved it!